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PGP Command line compatibility between different OS and version

Created: 28 Jan 2011
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We need to buy PGP command line for one of our AIX v6.1 server. We are planning on shipping our public PGP key to a Linux server (PGP command line v9.9) or on a Windows server (PGP Command line v 8.5).  Can we use PGP Command line 10.0 to send our public on different version of PGP Command line. I guess it should worked but we just want to make sure it will?


Yes, after you generate your keypair, simply export it and sent it to your partner.  It should work fine.  (The exception is if you generate a DH/DSS key of size 2048 or 3072, as DSA keys of those sizes aren't supported in Command Line 8.5.)

We are planning to have a server decrypting the files sent from many external servers (which will encryt the files) through our public key generated for each external server. Do you have licence for sending purposes or receiving purposes only? Or do we need to order a universal licence per server which let you do both.


We used to sell "send only" and "receive only" versions, but I don't believe we do anymore, and looking at it doesn't seem that you can buy such a license.