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PGP Command Line Export Key issue

Created: 15 Mar 2012 | 4 comments

I am running Command Line (version 10.2) on a Windows 7 machine and am running into errors while trying to export my public key.

I just created the Key - "SeQuel Response"

I then attempted to export the public key using:

pgp --export "SeQuel Response"

The return message I get is: "pgp:export key (3090:operation failed, file permissions)

I verified the key using pgp --list-keys, this command returned:

*RSA4 pair 2048/2048 [VI---] 0xB2FFA940 SeQuel Response

which is what I expected.

I then tried:

pgp --export -o c:\Key\SeQuel.asc

I get the same error.  How can I fix this in order to export the public key?


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Daichi Terada's picture

Hi Scott,

You might have already checked but please make sure the account that is running PGP Command Line has write permission to the folder.

Also, please try to export to another folder.


Daichi Terada, CISSP

Julian_M's picture

Daichi is right, try this:

 pgp --export -o c:\users\USERNAME\documents\Key\SeQuel.asc

Change USERNAME to whatever account name you are using.

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paulhen's picture

If you have set the PGP_HOME_DIR variable, you will need write permissions on the folder in order to perform most pgp actions.

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ScribblesUK's picture

I have just had the same issue. Right click Command Prompt and 'Run as administrator' then pgp --export "SeQuel Response" will work fine.