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PGP Command Line license policy is changed?

Created: 15 May 2012 | 3 comments's picture

Anyone know that PGP Command Line License policy is changed? i know that PGP Command Line need licese per CPUs(if this cpu using multi core then Cores) right?

i heard that policy is change to check only physical cpu's what is correct? if customer using 2 physical cpu machine and this cpu has 2cores each, all phycal cpu is 2 and all processor(core) is 4 then what license need? 4 cpu license or 2 cpu license?

i donot unstand what is correct. anyone let me know it correctly. thanks.

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Section 3.a.i of the EULA states:

  1. The number of CPUs per License Server may not exceed the number of CPUs on your accepted order. For clarification purposes, a dual-core machine is deemed to be a 2-CPU machine for purposes of this Agreement. 



David Finkelstein

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You means the pgp command line is based on machine's all core counts if there machine has multi core, right?

Do you have any document for correct licensing last version?

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If you have a two CPU machine, and each CPU has two cores, you need a 4-CPU license.

I'm not sure what sort of document you are looking for.  Do you mean a FAQ or other "official" document that describes what I have just written?


David Finkelstein

Symantec R&D