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PGP Command Line - send public key to keyserver

Created: 18 Dec 2012 | 2 comments
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We have been using PGP 3.2.0 (build 2526) and PGP Command Line 10.2.0 MP1 <on the windows server 2003>

I would to send my public key to keyserver, but i have a problem.

I use following command to send my public key --

      C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>pgp --keyserver-send pgp --keyserver ldap://

It gives following error --

      pgp:keyserver send (2710:days left in current license, 29)

      0x2D57715D:keyserver send (2509:keyserver error)
      ldap:// send (3090:operation failed, Server is unwilling to perform)
I am a newbie to the PGP command line tools. Please give me some advise or reference information.

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do you have the ldap port opened on your firewall? (389)

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sugeng iswoyo's picture

yes i have to opened my firewall,
and i try to search key in the keyserver , it's ok

I use following command to search key --

      C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>pgp --keyserver-search userxp1 --keyserver    


It gives result

        pgp:keyserver search (2710:days left in current license, 27)

        ldap:// search (2504:successful search)
        Alg  Type Size/Type Flags   Key ID     User ID
         ----- ---- --------- ------- ---------- -------
     RSA4 pub  2048/2048 [-----] 0xC28B2117 UserXP1
      1 key found