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PGP Commandline- POC best practice

Created: 31 Jul 2012 • Updated: 07 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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hi Everyone,

Im am new in PGP Commandline, Can anybody know best practice of doing POC of PGP commandline? or any body know where we can find video tutorial for PGP commandline.

thanks in advance..

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These videos may be helpful. 

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I've done a few demos of PGPCL and I usually do it like this on a Win7Pro machine + PowerShell with everything installed and environment variables all configured

  • Create key for
  • Show default location of key storage, noting it can be changed or managed by UN
  • Have a folder on desktop wanting to be encrypted
  • Run the command to encrypt
  • Show encrypted files
  • Have batch file prepared to decrypt, open batch file to show code then run it, to show its batch file functionality

PGPCL is so simple to demonstrate, but trying to demonstrate its leverage and power is quite tricky, that has to be said rather than shown.

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hi weevil,

thanks it helps a lot. BTW do you have a sample script/batch file. for me to test. im not good at script. :)

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Sure, I'll whip one up for you, here's one that will perform the following:

Will encrypt everything in c:\DropFilesHereToEncrypt\*.* and encrypted files will end up in c:\EncryptedFiles

So the batch file can run at scheduled times, i.e once an hour, every 5 minutes, however you want to do it, and any propriatary program or even a user can just save files in there to be encrypted for archiving or whatever.

@echo off
dir "C:\DropFilesHereToEncrypt"
pgp -er "User Name" *.* --Output C:\EncryptedFiles
That's about as simple as it gets, 3 lines :)
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