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PGP Decryption Key

Created: 19 Jul 2011 | 1 comment

The person who was responsible for using PGP left our office and was not able to provide any guidance on how the process was initially set up. Basically here is where we are, we have created a key in the software, transmitted the information to the test score group to have it verified by them and now when we attempt to open the files we are receiving we are getting the message PGP Viewer is unable to open file *** Error: missing one or more decryption keys. I was reading a recent post where you recommend that the key is exported on one machine and used on another. We currently do not have access to her key information. Can you assist us in getting this resolved?

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Since you do not have her private key, you will never be able to decrypt any files encrypted to her key, regardless of whether they are past or currently encrypted files.

You were correct to generate a new key for your current use.  You should have sent your new public key to the test score group for them to encrypt to.  If they actually encrypted to your new public key, you will not be receiving that error message when you are attempting to decrypt it from the machine that generated the key.

To make sure there is not a problem on your end, you should encrypt a file to your own public key and then make sure that you can decrypt it.

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