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PGP Desktop 10.x, need to generate public key as PGP Desktop v. 6.0

Created: 23 May 2011 | 1 comment

We are running a Universal Server 3.1, with PGP Desktop 10.x on the clients.  We need to send a Public Key to a vendor who needs it to be in the form of PGP Desktop 6.0, how do we do this?  Can it be done from the 10.x version, or do I need to install the 6.0 version?

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It sounds like what they want is  a DH/DSS key, with the DSS signing key being no larger than 1024 bits, and the DH encryption subkey being no larger that 4096 bits (I think the default DH key was 2048 bits.  You can generate this key via PGP Desktop 10.x.  In PGP Desktop, Select New - PGP Key from the File Menu.  On the Screen where you enter your name and email address, also click the Advanced button.  Set Key Type at the top to Diffie-Hellman/DSS.  Make sure key sizes are set to 1024 and 2048.  Remove AES and Twofish from the allowed ciphers.  Remove the three SHA2 hash options. Set Compression options to just Zip and None.

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