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PGP Desktop 9.12.0 Build (1035) PGP SDK3.12.0

Created: 30 Jan 2013 | 3 comments


I purchased PGP Desktop, in the past. I am aware that it is an older version PGP Desktop. The maintenance agreement, at time of purchse, endure for a year. The license is perpetual.

I reinstalled the product, recently. I have encrypted disks using PGP Disk. Since the authorization of my license number expired, in 2010, I am allowed to read-only the encrypted disks. A perpetual license entails losing product features, but not all product features are lost.

I was able to use PGP Disk features before, long after the license number expired.  I require this type of functionality again, without having to purchase the upgraded product for $148. Unitl I am able to complete my education, PGP Disk, PGP Zip, and My Private Keys should be fully functional, with the perpetual license.

Perhaps I can copy the contents of all PGP encrypted disks. Then format the disks. Then copy the files back to the disk, and encrypt the disk using PGP DISK.

Any suggestions

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PGP Disk has two components: Virtual Disks and Whole Disk Encryption (WDE).  So, I find your use of PGP Disk confusing as to which you are referring to.  If it is Virtual Disks that have become Read Only, it may be due to you having previously copied them to and from a CD or DVD.  This would typically result in the pqd Virtual Disk file as being set to Read Only, which would only allow the Virtual Disk to be mounted Read Only.  If this is what is going on, you can correct the problem by removing the Read Only status on the file's properties.

I am not aware of a perpetual license ever resulting in a reduction of PGP component functionality, so hope the above is what you are actually experiencing. 

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Are you still having difficulty with this?

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I am having a very similar issue; I have been using PGP Desktop for over 7 years.

Current Version 10.2

When I Mount an old .pgd "virtual disk" it mounts only as Read-Only; for some reason under options, this field is shaded and cannot be unticked. They were never on DVD's and the files are not read only.

Your help is appreaciated.

read only.JPG