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PGP Desktop Email AND WDE

Created: 12 Sep 2012 | 8 comments


I’m lost…

I have the following problems..

I bought Desktop Email for my company earlier this year with the following data:


Today I decided to buy 1 license of Whole Disk Encryption. I followed every step as explained on your homepage and finally I managed to buy one license of Whole Disk Encryption with the following data:

Product Name:   PGP Whole Disk Encryption 10.2 XPLAT Per Device, Symantec Store    

Now I have one question:

  1. How can I use both PGP Desktop Email and PGP Whole Disk Encryption?
  2. When I enter the license key for PGP WDE the license key for PGP Email is disappearing.
  3. Do I need to install both desktop programs?
  4. Can I not use one Desktop that is using both Email and WDE since I thought WDE was an add-on to PGP Desktop Email…

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This sounds like a licensing query rather than anything technical, but it sounds to me like you need those licence keys amalgamated, but you will be best off contacting customer care, they deal with all non-technical issues

Hope you get it sorted!

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Weevil is correct in that you need to contact Customer Care and determine which license you need.  PGP Desktop is one software package that contains multiple components - which components are available for use is determined by your license, and only one license can be entered on an individual computer.

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Thanks for all the help!

I spend more than 1 hour yesterday with the Customer service after have being connected to several places.. They promised to fix it direct but after some hours I received an email that my case was closed without any solution.

I can’t still use the WDE that I bought from Symantec. The only chance is to enter the license number for WDE but then the PGP Desktop Email stops working.. I found this not acceptable but can’t get any response from the customer service. I have sent them some emails and re-opened the case but now it is weekend and they are closed. I hope thay will fixe it on Monday....

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Just as a note for people seeing this in the future, if you are wanting to purchase additional modules/items of PGP and you already have PGP Desktop, speak to customer care/sales first, so they can issue you with a new license that has both the previously purchased items and the new ones you want to purchase.

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Dear Weevill.

Well, I kind for the time being a different opinion even if I would like to wrong.

If you have PGP Desktop Email (PDE) installed on your computer you will find the “icon’ Whole Disk Encryption (WDE) within the PDE.

 If you click on that “icon” to use WDE, PDE will answer you that your current license doesn’t cover WDE and you need to upgrade. You will immediately be linked to WDE on Symantec’s online shop and after some “clicks” you have bought WDE.

As a customer who has followed every step and direction from PDE and bought WDE as proposed by PDE on Symantec’s own online shop, I expect now that I can use WDE within my PDE but this is wrong. It doesn’t work and will NEVER work.

After spending hours last Friday and yesterday with customer care , technical support and online chat I have still not received any help. OK, Symantec has opened a case for the third time where they now will investigate what they can do.

If you contact costumer care in UK, Sweden or Germany they all have no clue about the functionality of these programs nor do they know about that these programs doesn’t work together. When I ask for a license that is merged, they don’t know what I am taking about. Of course they should inform me about PGP Desktop Professional  but no one has done that during all my hours of discussion with them

The point is that I should have bought PGP Desktop Professional which includes PDE and WDE. - I am sorry but I didn’t know that. - When I talk to Customer care and explain that I would like to change my two different licenses to Professional they tell me that this is a technical problem and contacts me to the technical support.

At the technical support they tell me that they are not allowed to help me since I don’t have a technical support contract….

To come back to my first sentence above… I seriously doubt that customer support can help you since they don’t know that you need PGP Desktop Professional if you already have PDE and want to buy WDE.

So far I have not received any help and I have spent a significant time on this easy problem. Symantec did, however, open a new case but nothing has happened so far.

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Still no help.This is the latest answer from Customer Care. I guess I will never get any help. I can not understand why Cutomer Care are so unwilling to help.


Dear Mr xxxxxx,

Thank you for your enquiry. Please see the detail below regarding your incident number 02214939.

Would you be able to provide us with the technician's email or case ID stating that the software may not work without it being PGP Desktop Professional?

You can also access further information on our web site at the following address:

Please log onto to manage your existing cases and open new tickets with Symantec - Customer Care Department

Kind regards,

Symantec Enterprise Customer Care

Customer Business Operation

Europe, Middle East and Africa


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Hmm, PGP should not be this complicated.

I hope Tom can assist internally perhaps?  I have little influence not being a Symantec employee....

It does suck that you follow all the steps correctly and they don't work for you, its not even a complicated request.

Go back to customer care in whatever language you want, get it escalated, you need to speak to people further up the chain to get it sorted.

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Hi again,

I just like to give you an update of my case.

So far NONTHING has happened, I have spend hours in the online chat and with the customer care…. I have an open case (with severity 2) but no one has done anything. I can’t understand how Symantec is treating their customers. I have bought an useless product which is not possible to use since the program itself are not allowing me to use PGP Desktop email together with WDE.

It feels that they just stole my money and now I'm sitting here with a SW package that i cant use.