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PGP Desktop Email - Shared / Group Mailboxes

Created: 28 Aug 2012 | 3 comments

Quick question, can PGP Desktop Email be configured to send encrypted emails from a group / shared Exchange mailbox also to be received by another Exchange group / shared mailbox ??

Thanks in advance

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I have a bit more information on the situation I am trying to come up with a solution for.

Example....we have 100 users who need to send PGP encrypted files to a vendor who has, say 50 users all of which potentially need to open the encrypted file. Is there a way to encrypt the file with the potential recipients keys without having to select each one ??

I suppose what I am asking is really "is there a way for multiple users keys to be added to one key that can be shared and imported into PGP Desktop thus allowing the file to be encrypted to a single key instad of 50 and vice versa ??"

I'm trying to cut down on the potential key management required.

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One option would be for the recipient to use an Additional Decryption Key.  This results in any encrption to any of those recipients also being encrypted to their ADK.  They could distribute their ADK keypair to users needed to do such decryption.

A somewhat similiar option would be for the recipeint setting to send you one key that has all of those user's email addresses added as individual User Names.  They would again each need to have that one keypair.

On your end, you can set up a PGP Messaging policy similar to this:

If Any

Recipient Domain is      {their domain, such as}


Encrypt To         A List Of Keys

and then use the Edit List button to select the needed keys.

This would be a one time set up process, but you might at times want to add or delete a key from that list.

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Thanks Tom.

The policy option is something that occured to me, I think that may be the easier option.