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PGP Desktop Enterprise Whole Disk version 10.1

Created: 08 Apr 2011 | 10 comments
Ok, so I go round and round and round here.. Symantec USED to be good at product support, I no longer think so.
I get a pop up from my PGP saying there is a new version. I click on it and it does nothing, zilch, nada pops up on my lower right screen.
So I get an email from Symantec saying I should update to a newer version... I go to the site, I can't find the damned thing..
I have PGP Desktop Enterprise Whole Disk 10.1 build 860 (SDK 4.0.1) I cannot find the paper that has my receipt and license, but I bought it less than a year ago. I do not remember if it is the Pro version or Home version.. it doesnt tell me, and it doesnt tell my my license number (at least no where I can see).    SO, I dont know which to download (Im not even sure it is worth the update) and I don't remember my license number and I can't find anywhere to contact Symantec about it... PGP used to respond quick, and as I said Symantec used to be good, but apparently they no longer care about customer care except for Norton (which I have Norton Internet Security as well).   What a pain.> maybe someone from Symantec will read this and answer auditman.

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Customer Care can help you with these concerns about your license, as well as whether you are eligible for the free upgrade. 

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It's supposed to be a fix,  not a major upgrade,  therefore it's free.  That's not a virtue,  it's normal practice.


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Since I don't work in Customer Care, I tend to speak generically regarding such terms as update, upgrade, and fix. In your specific case of being a 10.1 licensee, I ** think** 10.1.2 would be an update and free.  However, I may be mistaken, and I can't speak for them.

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customer care does not offer an email address. only a phone, I want to deal via email

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My previous experience with Symantec was pretty dire and it appears it's not improved. 

What a super customer experience:  tell us there's an upgrade to PGP;  then we can't upgrade from the product;  can't find out how to upgrade;  can't contact "tech support" other than by telephone;  can't find any meaningful information on the morass that is the website.

It's like working with amateurs.

Thankfully Lion will have whole disc encryption so we can be rid of Symantec products from our Macs.

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For goodness sake,  your damn stupid won't accept the PGP formatted serial number (which has hypens in it).

Looks like I have to wait until Monday to shout at you over the telephone.

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I purchased PGP whole disc encription, installed it and later got the activation code. I can't activate it and it turned out that my purchase didn't include any phone support, which is absurd. I have the code, I have the 10.1 version installed, but how do I activate it?

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Please see this Knowledge Base Article.

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better call licensing dept, thy can assist you in getting the software downloaded as well as to get the correct serial #. You can send them an email to

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1. Navigate to the following URL: and login using your existing LEMS account credentials
2. Click "Manage My License" tab
3. Click "Advanced Search" link
4. Click the first "Search" button leaving the fields to their default values
The next page shows the licenses registered
5. Click "View Details" of (product name)
The next page will show you the license key and the link to download

You may also navigate to the following link on how to manage your licenses in the Symantec License Portal:

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