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PGP Desktop - Folders & Filenames visible

Created: 11 Aug 2011 | 1 comment

Hoping I'm just missing something fairly simple, but even once a share is encrypted, if an Administrator (Domain or local Windows) grants themselves full access to the shared folder, they are able to view the folder and file names.  Now the administrator cannot view the contents of the encrypted file, but is there a way to ensure the filenames are not visible to anyone with administrative access who does not use PGP Desktop?


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PGP NetShare does not prevent anyone from having access to these protected folders.  If proper permissions are not set for these folders, anyone can access them, delete files, save files, etc.  It is only the content of individual files that are encrypted and protected.  BTW, if someone else other than the NetShare authorized users of the folder places a file in the folder, that file is not encrypted.

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