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PGP Desktop Home 10.1 - Licensing Help Needed

Created: 10 Jul 2011 | 1 comment

I hope someone can help.

I used PGP Desktop Home for many years. A few weeks ago, my hard drive completely failed, and I had to buy a new computer (changed from HP running Vista to Lenovo running Windows 7). Although I had backed up the drive, I was unable to reinstall PGP. As a result, I looked around and was able to download Desktop Home 10.1 and to get it operating with my old keys.

Now, however, the temporary, try-out term of the download is about to end, and I am getting the pop-up message that I need to buy a license to keep the full program operating. How do I do this? It is critical that I have the ability to use the program: I have thousands of files that are encrypted with PGP, and I cannot lose the ability to open them.

Can someone please tell me what to do? I am ready to buy a new license or whatever else is needed to maintain functionality.

Thanks very much.


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You can review the PGP products for sale.  Using the How to Buy tab, you will see a phone number you can call to ask about the PGP Desktop Home license.  You can also select on of the other produce options and then use the Chat with Sales link.

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