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PGP Desktop Licensee Count - exceeded

Created: 25 Sep 2012 | 6 comments

Hi All

Got an issue with PGP Universal at the moment.

We have exceeded our Desktop Licensee count and I'm trying to recover them to get them to within our limits. I've deleted all our users that haven't been seen by PGP within the last 6 months and also deleted the devices over the same period. But I'm not getting my licensee's reduced at all.

Not having used PGP Universal before how does it work? How is the Desktop Licensee's related to Users\Groups etc...?



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PGP uses ethical licensing so as long as you know you're ok in terms of licenses then you're ok.  No features get locked down or disabled if the UN says you're over the license count

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Thanks - I've figured out that the AD Groups are what make up the no of users in PGP, however the group members in PGP don't match those in the AD Groups. How do you force a directory sync?

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which one has more, AD or PGP?

You can select the option "Reject the Consumer" under directory Syncryonization > Settings for "when a consumer cannot be matched to an ldap directory"

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It should be syncing all the time (essentially) so if something is added in AD itll be there in PGP.  Perhaps reorganising your AD structure so that things that need to have PGP installed are in the same container or OU?

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It does sync every 6 hours, or if you click "Save" Button on a Group Setting, this will trigger also a resync.
Syncing all the time is not efficient, since this whould flood the LDAP Server with queries in case there are many users.