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pgp desktop for mac

Created: 22 Jun 2011 | 9 comments

hello i just bought the latest PGP desktop professional for Mac (10.1) and i am running it on a brand new mac Snow leopard.


I use Outlook 2011 for Mac connected to an exchange server , and the pgp software does not autodiscover the accounts.


I realize it is technically not supported, but does anybody know how to get pgp desktop professional for mac to talk to an exchange server?

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QuinDevelin's picture

I am researching PGP Desktop in the same environment and would love to see an answer or some type of feedback on this.

Out of curiosity, what about non-Exchange e-mail accounts?  Does the PGP desktop client function properly encrypting and decrypting e-mail for those accounts?

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FYI, if you didn't already know this. Outlook 2011 is now supported in PGP Desktop 10.2. FWIW.

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How do I setup PGP Desktop 10.2 to use a Microsoft Exchange Server for Messaging?  When I open the Server Settings all I see is IMAP,POP,SMTP as the Server Type.

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Can somebody from Symantec/PGP please reply with HOW-TO for the very basic scenario (not mentioned anywhere in the help or manuals)?

Mac OS X (Lion) - MS Outlook 2011 - MS Exchange (2007/2010) - PGP Desktop (10.2 MP3)

Many thanks.

Tom Mc's picture

I'm a Windows user, so am not sure that this displays the same for a Mac user.  However, the options you mention I am seeing for Protocol.  If I change Server Type from Internet Mail to MAPI/Exchange, I then have Protocol set as MAPI/Exchange.

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POP/IMAP/SMTP and PGP Universal Server are the only options available under Server Type in PGP Messaging using PGP Desktop Enterprise for Mac OS X 10.2 MP3.

So, no MAPI/Exchange to choose ...

Tom Mc's picture

What licensing are you using?  If it is either the Home or Freeware, that would explain the problem.

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sledge's picture


The license I just purchased this week is (From my Symantec Order Confirmation):

PGP Desktop Professional 10.2 License + 12 Months Essential Support

This is a fully licensed copy.  I have the same issue as described above.  No option for Exchange.  I purchased this version of PGP precisely for this reason.  This article leads one to believe that Exchange support IS offered for Outlook 2011 for Mac:  Here  I would have tested before purchasing, but the only version that is handed out for eval is 10.1, which does NOT cliam to support the configuration we have described in this post.  

Saying that Outlook 2011 for Mac (a client deployed primarily to support Exchange mail accounts) is supported and delivering nothing more than IMAP support is just not acceptable.  This is not an end user / configuration issue.  Support for Exchange/MAPI is simply not visibly present in Symantec's software.  Maybe someone at Symantec support does actually have the product installed, and can verify what we are seeing?  If this is not resolved, I will certainly be looking for a refund.  

janmaj's picture

The product concerned is PGP Desktop Corporate 10.2 MP3, at the time of purchase (almost a year ago), there was not a "better" version available.