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PGP Desktop WDE Options.

Created: 26 Jan 2013 • Updated: 10 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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Can anyone please give me a clear definition and differentiate between the three choose of the WDE automatically encrypt:

-Boot disk

-Boot partition only

-Windows partition only

As all the manual and articles doesn’t have a clear answer for that! This to help me to choose correct for which option.

Thanks in advance.  

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Boot Disk - The ENTIRE physical disk where the boot partition resides

Boot partition - The partition that boots

Windows partition - in dual boot environments it will only encrypt the windows partition

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Thanks Alex for your reply and clarification, it does help!

My query is, what if i select Boot Disk and the machine has 2 separated physical disks (1 has the Boot and the other just having data on it) while that will encrypt the 2 disk or just 1 only ? ,if not how can i set the policy to encrypt all the disks on the machine?

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Hi Hima,

There is no way, to my knowledge, to encrypt both internal disks via auto encryption in Consumer Policy. You can manually encrypt the secondary drive using pgpwde command line. You could even automate this process by writing a batch file or something similar.  Search our KB system for PGP WDE comand line reference guide if you need details on how that works.

Before you go about encrypting two internal drives however, I would also recommend making sure that you are on PGP Desktop 10.2.1 MP5 or newer. This is because of a bug that we had where sometimes adding multiple users to a secondary internal drive during encyrption could cause problems with decrypting the disk.

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