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PGP Desktop (WDE) Silent Install Options - Initial passphrase user

Created: 14 Aug 2012 | 1 comment

I recently created an .msi for PGP Desktop (using whole disk encryption) that I want to push out via BigFix to about 250 users.  I ran the .msi created by my PGP server locally on a domain laptop PC using the following switches -

msiexec /i  c:\PGPDesktop.msi  PGP_INSTALL_DISABLESSOENROLL=0  /quiet  /norestart

This way, the software installs without any user interaction and waits for a reboot.  Upon reboot and logging into Windows, the user is prompted to create the 5 security questions and answers for the passphrase account and disk encryption begins (I have configured the PGP server to do this on purpose, to cut down on the amount of face time we will need for 250 users).  However, once the disk is encrypted, I have found that instead of adding the user that is currently logged into the machine as the initial passphrase user, it is grabbing the first local user listed alphabetically and using their account.  Now, when the machine reboots, it wants the user name and password for that local account, which in this case, is not an account anyone uses.

Obviously, I do not want this.  I want the initial passphrase user account created to be the person that is currently logged onto the account, which is their domain account.  Is there a switch during install somewhere or on the server that needs to be changed in order to make this happen?  Everything else is happening exactly like I want it to, other than this.

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That isnt behaviour I have encountered, can you try it without the /norestart, then see if it enrolls the correct user?

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