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PGP encrypted drive in alternate machine

Created: 11 Aug 2012 | 1 comment

I used PGP Desktop v10.1.1 to encrypt a hard drive on a W98 SE box, got rid of that box, and now want to use the drive as the primary drive in another W98 SE box.  Correct passphrase is entered then I get black screen with "Remove disks or other media.  Press any key to restart."  When I press the "any" key I see "bootguard" followed by a flashing underscore.  Nothing but CTRL-ALT-DEL works at this point.

I see on the Advanced subscreen that a computer name and ID are recorded.  Makes me wonder if bootguard is preventing bootstrap in the second computer.


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You may need to decrypt that disk before moving it to the new machine, and then re-encrypt.  If this is no longer feasible, you can try using the WDE Recovery CD for the decryption.

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