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PGP Encryption button on Outlook and Web Messanger

Created: 25 Jan 2012 | 3 comments

Does anyone know if the PGP encryption button on Outlook can be used to encrypt messages to external users (those with non-corporate e-mail accounts) the same way "keyword" encryption works by sending a link that then allows the non-corporate recipient to retrieve encrypted e-mail from web messanger?

Thank you.

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Julian_M's picture

Yes, works just like the "PGP" subject. It attemps to encrypt message. Then policies decided how the message will be processed.

Is this managed or standalone client?

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Andreas Zengel's picture

Your described scenario is possible only if you also use PGP Universal Server and PGP Gateway Email.

ndaniel71's picture

One other thing to consider if your wanting PGP Universal to utilize nkf Web Messenger is how PGPU is deployed. If its in mailstream and has an interface in the DMZ then no problem. If the PGPU is not in your mail flow/stream you can select OOMS or "out of mail stream" mode. This would mean the PGP Desktop clients try to locate a key locally 1st, then contacts the PGPU to do the keysearch. If nkf (no key found) for the user the PGP Client routes the mail direct to PGP Universal to package as a Web Messenger message over the 443 SOAPS PGP CLient to PGPU port.