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PGP Encryption Desktop - Upgrading to Mountain Lion

Created: 14 Nov 2013 | 4 comments

hi guys,

Hope you can help me with this:

At the moment I have a Mac Book Pro running Lion 10.7.4, with Bootcamp, Windows 7.

I have PGP Encryption Desktop 10.3.0.

I would like to upgrade to Maverics but we can't because the encryption software doesnt support it yet (At least until Feb 2014?), so my next best option is to intall Mountain Lion 10.8.5.

Question is, I know I need to install PGP Encryption Desktop 10.3.1, what I'm worried is that is the right order of things to do this upgrade, I dont want to brick my work machine!

Do I decrypt everything from the OS X side first, then upgrade OS X to Mountain Lion? then install 10.3.1 ? on OS X first then on Windows?

Very much look forward to your responce,

Thank you,


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First of all make sure you have a functional backup.  As long as the PGP Software is compatible with the OS you're upgrading FROM and TO, you're going to be fine.

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Yes, your procedures is correct. I only suggest you backup data decrypted. I don't know if you have WDE or virtual volumes. Then upgrade, install, encrypt if you use WDE o generate virudal volumes and recover data. Each OS.


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Thanks both Alex and Aonris for responding.

I'll (1)decrypt from OS X side, (2)uninstall, (3) upgrade to Mountain Lion and (4) install 10.3.1.

I'll let this thread know how it went too.

I'm looking forward to the upgrade, I need XCode 5.0.2 which needs Mountain Lion! Can't code for IOS 7 without it.

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Yea, its a fast moving world, very difficult to keep up with everything.  Let us know how to get on

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