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PGP Error - 3033:no passphrase specified

Created: 22 Nov 2012 | 4 comments


We are facing the following below error while decrypting files using PGP.

3033:no passphrase specified

Please note the correct passphrase was orginally set and the solution was working just fine, though we are facing the mentioned issue after a server restart. Please note the correct passphrase has been set after the server restart as well.

Displayed below is the PGP log,

**************  Process Started **************  
Process StandardOutPut=
After Message =\\servername\folder_name\filename.xml.pgp:decrypt (3033:no passphrase specified)
Process StandardOutput closed.
Process WaitForExit.
Process Closed.
Process Disposed.
Process Disposed Called!
************** Process End ************** 

Your kind support in helping resolve the issue will be highly appreciated. 

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dfinkelstein's picture

Can you provide a little more information about your setup and workflow?

What version of PGP Command Line are you running, and on what platform?

And the steps you took are

- Restarted server

- Persistently cached a key's passphrase

- You try to decrypt using this key, but the key's passphrase isn't available

Is that correct?


David Finkelstein

Symantec R&D

Nets Teller's picture


At the outset let me thank you for your kind support. Please note the following,

1. PGP Command line version - 10.1

2. The steps performed were,

a. Restart the server

b. Cached a key's passphrase

c. An automated job (which used to run fine before) performs the task of decrypting the pgp file but fails and logs an error 3033:no passphrase specified

The setup is as follows,

1. An automated job runs the PGP Command line through code

2. On Trigger the job impersonates a user id part of the admin group to run the pgp command line

3. The pgp command line decrypts the pgp file placed on a network location

4. The code consumes the data and stores the same in the database

Please feel free to enquire should you need any more information.


dfinkelstein's picture

My guess is that either the PGP Service PGPserv has died for some reason (if true, you'd see some error about running in local mode), or more likely, the user impersonation isn't working properly, and so the passphrase is being cached as a different user than the user who is trying to use the key.

If you run "pgp --version --verbose" as the impersonated user it has a section on "Passphrase cache information" that will tell you if any passphrases are considered cached.


David Finkelstein

Symantec R&D

Meghaana27's picture


I also have the same requirement as yours in Dot net.

1. Generate public and private key. Share the public key

2. Decrypt the encrypted file

3. Create a windows scheduled task out of it.

Can you please help me with the code.

Thanks in advance.