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PGP Gateway Email Setting

Created: 15 Oct 2013 • Updated: 17 Oct 2013 | 4 comments
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I need help.

I trying to make PGP Gateway email system in my site.

make gateway-email is the first time, so i read the administratol guide. but its too comprehensive..

just i want to know how to config gateway email setting 

any one has "gateway-email setting guide"?? or similar guide(Best Practice)?

there are using exchange email & AD,, but connecting is too hard to me..

Please help!!

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Gateway placement is quite straight forward (depending on your environment.)

Basically ALL email will be going through the Universal Server, and then the policy applied on the server determines if it gets encrypted or not.  This means that the MX records have to point to the WAN IP of the Universal Server.

Once the MX records are pointing to it (for incoming) then you will be receiving email through it.  Keep learn mode on initially and look through the logs to make sure everything is working ok.

For outgoing, you need to add the mail route, and the mail proxy to receive from the exchange server, and to send email straight out using DNS. (you can use a 2 way proxy rather than x1 1 way)

Thats it!

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Thanks a lot

It's very useful information. 

can i ask you one more thing?

what is the config of user side?

I heard Gateway-email doesnt need deploy user's package.(without pgp-desktop is  my goal) 

then, all of the user(joind AD) can use Gateway email? and no neccesally user make key(just connect with AD is all?)

Im sorry to bother you~!! ^^

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For gateway email, there is 0 configuration to do at the end users side (which is the best bit!)

The Universal Server will automatically generate key pairs (assuming you're in SKM, which you should be for gateway email) when users start sending email through the server.

It's a bit of a leap pointing all your email thruogh the Universal Server, but as long as you've got your mail routes and proxies correctly configured there's nothing to worry about

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If you are installing SEMS server from scratch then there will be easy steps to configure gateway email functionality.

After you install the server, please access the SEMS URL over port 9000 and follow initial configuration wizard to setup gateway email functionality.

You can also use this installation guide to further references in server placement section.