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PGP license expiration: Never?

Created: 08 Jan 2014 | 6 comments
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Hi Everyone

under System Settings> server Information

Server hostname:xxxx

Server verion: 3.3.1 (build 13100)

Server time:xxxx

lincensee Name:cxxx

Organization: xxxx

License Expiration: Never

Feature: mail proxies, kms, pgp portable

my question is what is the meaning of license expiration: Never? can you provide me a link or document.


Operating Systems:

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Hi Jun,

That is correct, it doesnt expire. I don't have any documentation for that but as far as I know, all PGP universal server license are the same. I found it out after projects from several clients, licenses are the same 28 characters ending with VUA. Am I right?

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Thanks pete, base on the link provided correct me if im wrong on my understanding it says existing PGP software no need to renew their license? am i right?

thanks cetnamys, yes i also found out that they same license. same question again thus we our client need to renew their license?

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Hi jun82,

You would need to check the licensing details.
This indication "License Expiration: Never" simply means that according to the already posted documentation, the product will not stop working.
However, this doesn't imply the customer is compliant. It depends on what was signed during the purchase.

Some links that may help (About Symantec > CORPORATE PROFILE > Policies > Product License Agreements > Business Products):

For further details, please reach your sales contact person.


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Hi jun82,
The term of the Licensed Software license granted shall be perpetual unless you have obtained the Licensed Software on a non-perpetual basis.
A PGP Perpetual License with Software Maintenance entitles you to use the PGP software indefinitely, plus receive all upgrades and updates during the maintenance period. The Software Maintenance is generally for one year. 

After the Software Maintenance expires for the software, the auto-update functionality is disabled and no further upgrades or Technical Support is available until the Software Maintenance is renewed. All product functionality remains enabled as the license of the software never expires.


Neha Agarwal