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PGP License Renewal

Created: 10 Mar 2011 | 3 comments

My company has PGP command line and we need to renew our license.

How do we do it

Is there a PGP tech rep at Symantec who can walk me thru it



              UZX Co.Inc. 

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If you need a new license key, you can start here:

PGP products are not yet available for purchase from the Symantec online store, so you'll have to call Symantec to place an order.

When you have your new license key, you use the "--license-authorize" command to activate the license.  You will need to provide the "--force" option since you already have an existing license you are overwriting.  See



David Finkelstein

Symantec R&D

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Thanks for your reply

We have used PGP Command Line for 1 year and we are renewing

what is the phone # to give our corp credit card to renew it..

AND I am not a programmer. hence I need someone  to walk me thru the process

How do I get that person to help?



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Hi John

The phone number is 1-877-294-5255, I hope Symantec phone sales is a straightforward and not unpleasant process.

Applying the new license key is pretty simple.  Just run

pgp --license-authorize --license-name "Name here" --license-organization "Organization name here" --license-number "Your license here" --license-email "Recovery Email here" --force


David Finkelstein

Symantec R&D