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Is PGP for Mac Finished Business?

Created: 19 Jun 2011 | 4 comments


I am a physician who has depended on PGP for email security and data encryption for a decade. I am also on the Mac platform. I was astonished to see that Norton had bought out PGP, and now I assume that PGP is going to be, from now on, a Windowns-only product. 

If so, I must rush to find some other security solution to provided whole disk encryption, virtual disks, and secure email. This is most distressing. 

The medical board holds me responsible for breaches ini security in paitent data from my laptop/s. 

Does anyone know if Symantec proposes a dual platform product or, as I suspect, WIndows-only?


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BNH's picture

Up to know, whatever you have will still be working and supported by Symantec team.

As you can see, its all still there :

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dr.john1985's picture

It seems as though only whole disk encryption is supported. Not the other desireable features of the former PGP corperation such as virtual disk, email security, and others. Too bad about the merger. These things always seem to happen. Such a loss.


Tom Mc's picture

I've not heard anything about reducing support for Mac PGP products.  The Desktop Professional product continues for Mac.

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mbyrne20's picture

there is a modern pgp for mac

you need to download it manually and the support sucks and it doesnt work (so far as i can tell) with office 2011 for mac

hope this helps