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PGP migration HD to SSD, how to..

Created: 11 Feb 2011 | 1 comment

Under an install of PGP Desktop 9.10.0 Build 661, PGP SDK 3.12.0  I'd like to migrate from using a HD to a SDD on a T400 Thinkpad running XP SP3.  Have tried ghosting the HD to the SDD but get a Bootguard message in upper left when booting the SDD.

What is the best practices method to migrate to the SDD? 

And, if possible be able to use the HD again as the primary drive should it be necessary (as it wouldn't be reused but saved as a backup)?

Thanks for the assistance!

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I'd recommend a clean re-install and re-encrypt using PGP Desktop 10.1.1, if you have current maintenance. We've made some nice performance gains that will help maximize your SSD speeds.

You might want to consider using 128-bit AES instead of 256-bit AES, which can also improve performance (only available on 10.0 and above, I believe). There is also an option to only encrypt in-use sectors, which can significantly speed initial encryption as well as re-write performance. See this posting: for some additional information about using SSDs.

Note that AES-128 and --fast mode are only available from the pgpwde command line.