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Created: 01 Jun 2011 | 4 comments

We have had a license for PGP Netshare for 4 years with no problems.  We recently upgraded one of the licenses to version 10.1 to be compatible with Windows 7. The other two PCs still have 9.6 on them.  We are now having problems if one of the 9.6 users access a file followed by the 10.1 user trying to access the same file twice.  Any ideas on what is causing this? If the 9.6 user is not accessing the file, the 10.1 user has no problems decrypting the file multiple times. Is the program somehow keeping track of how many users are using the file?

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To follow up on the above...I am consultant helping Sue333 maintain these systems.  We upgraded the XP Machines in the group to use 10.1.1.  On the two Windows XP clients accessing the server Netshare protected drive, we continue to have no issues.  XP users can execute program dependent on shared libraries of compiled macros and source code with no problems.  Multiple instances of programs that work with these files can co-exist on individual machines and across two user's desktops.  Simultaneous usage of key SAS libraries on the file share encrypted by Netshare within the XP universe presents no problem and is as stable as it has been for several years.  The same can NOT be said of a client machine running Netshare 10.1.1    If the SAS system files are in use by another (XP) user, then the Windows 7 user can not successfully access more than one instance of these files because the second instance and all following attempts to open the files will result in a failure to decrypt the files.  Of course, all programs fail to recognize these data files structures.   The result of these hassles is that we cannot continue to use PGP Netshare here if these anomalies are not addressed in the very near future.

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Also having trouble accessing encrypted files with a Viewer program.  This occurs if you try to access the same file multiple times.  Some times it will work; at other times it will not.

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Because this software was recently upgraded, I have tried to contact customer support, after a 45 minute tour of Asia, nothing was resolved.  In the meantime, these questions have been here for several weeks without a mere hint of a reply.   Without Symantec even trying to resolve a serious issue with this software, it is hard to recommend continued usage of any Symantec product.   Frankly, this is a style of customer "support" I am unfamilar with.  I am hoping this is NOT a trend, because spending good money only to be totally ignored is not just not a good business strategy.  Please respond.

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I have had very little luck with Symantec support of PGP ... and I've only been dealing with them for about 4 months now.   My experience is calling in to get some help... being told I'd get a call back 2 hours later and then a week later when ive lost my patience calling back... and around and around we go.

Would have gone with a diff software bundle knowing how bad this support is... if you look online they actually have a formal complaint procedure that they ask you to follow lol... dont look for support to respond here. Either call and call back and call again or open up a case on their support portal :)