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PGP NetShare 10.2 and Citrix XenApp 6.5 - possible?

Created: 08 Feb 2013 | 2 comments

Hi guys,

Has anybody out there managed to get Netshare 10.2 running on a XenApp6.5 server?

After a long period of getting my test infrastructure straight with the Symantec Helpdesk, we've downloaded  a customised PGP Desktop client that points to a load balancer in front of my 2 PGP Universal Servers.

I have tested communication backwards, forwards, inside & out with the Symantec rep, so I believe comms are 100%.

I have also successfully used a customised install on a WinXP (32 bit) VDI which works perfectly - hence I'm not concerned really about the networking side of things.

I will be using two Win7 (64 bit) VDIs this afternoon and expect to see much the same thing.

The problem I have is that when I install the client on a server running XenApp 6.5, I right-click the PGPTray icon, select Open PGP Desktop, I get the error:

"PGP Desktop is unable to contact your organization's PGP configuration server"

Having checked this in the secure shell, the command makes no attempt to communicate with anything outside the citrix server itself.

Operating the 'Update Profile' command sees a lot of communication across the load balancer to either of the servers, so we see that the client is installed correctly.

My contact at Symantec is ready to escalate, but nobody I've spoken to so far has been able to tell me definitviely if this setup works!!

So back to my initial question:  Will NetShare 10.2 work on a XenApp 6.5 server??

Thanks for sticking round and reading this one guys, fingers crossed somebody out there will be able to give me an answer!!!


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Can anyone respond with some facts or experience??



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This is from the admin guide of the latest version of Universal Server (now Symantec Encryption Server)

Multi-user environments and managing Symantec File Share Encryption
Symantec File Share Encryption, and management of it, is now supported in multi-user environments. These environments were not supported in past releases because they only isolate sessions at the user level, resulting in undesired behavior when taking some typical actions. For example, disabling Symantec File Share Encryption affected all users, and more importantly, decrypted data would be available to all users. Now, user sessions are isolated at the driver-level on the client systems, ensuring the desired behavior of all Symantec File Share Encryption functionality.
Multi-user environment requirements
Not all multi-user environments are supported. Symantec File Share Encryption support is limited to several environments and server operating systems.
Supported multi-user environments:
Microsoft Terminal Services
Fast User Switching (this is a subset of Terminal Services)
Citrix Presentation Server 4.x Server operating systems supported for multi-user environments:
Windows Server 2003, all editions
Windows Server 2003 R2, all editions
Windows Server 2008, all editions Note: Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of platforms are supported.
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