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PGP Netshare - PDF files invalid if saved after a certain date

Created: 26 Dec 2012 • Updated: 26 Dec 2012 | 1 comment

PGP Desktop (Version: 10.2.1 build 4940), Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit

Issue: Encrypted PDF files in two encrypted directories will not open if the have been saved after 24.12.12, PDFs that have been saved previously are still available. This is happening for multiple users of the netshare, not just on one pc. Note, the PDFs are good, just not while encrypted.

Error: Error opening document "xxxx"; Error[PDF Structure 40]: Invalid reference table (xref) Note: the format of source is not PDF.

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As far as i know no changes to storage of readers has occured.

Troubleshooting performed:

- Tried with both Adobe Reader x, PDFXchange.

- Restart, relog into PGP Services

- Reinstall PGP

I have a feeling they are not being decrypted when opened, but do not know why this is only happening only for PDF documents saved after a particular date. No updates to either PDF reader. Id like to know why this is occuring to prevent it in the future and to avoid having to decrypt /encrypt the entire netshare to get it working again.

Any help would be absolutely brilliant!

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Update: Saving the pdf documents this morning is now working. Still unable to open the problem documents, but ones that have been saved today are fine.