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Created: 17 Jun 2011 | 6 comments

Hi All,

Just some product questions which I couldn't find decent answers to when searching the Symantec your website (both US & Australia). Cheers. Paul.

1. What is the difference between the two products: PGP Whole Disk Encryption and Symantec Endpoint Encryption? The website doesn't make it very clear - they both seem to perform WDE so what is the difference? 

2. Which one is like the old PGP Desktop Professional product that was available pre-merger with Symantec?
3. There is no pricing information on the Australian Symantec website for: PGP Portable and Symantec Endpoint Encryption. Only PGP Whole Disk Encryption is priced. (I've checked both the US & Australian sites - both have no pricing for these two products).
4. Which products would best suit my needs given the following scenario (and how do I place an order):
- small home office with one desktop computer and one laptop (no network server)
- require WDE for the desktop computer and laptop and encryption of any external devices (USB sticks, external drives, CD/DVD).
Thanks for any help. Would be greatly appreciated. 

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Tom Mc's picture

PGP Desktop Professional is still available.

This may help with purchase.

I'm sorry to say that I have no experience with Symantec Endpoint Encryption and can't offer any comparison, but if someone else doesn't help with this before Monday when I'm on my Symantec computer, I'll try to find out for you.

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pauley's picture

Thanks Mark, much appreciate your taking the time to help. Some extra questions from searching further on the Symantec website. Cheers. Paul.

5. For a single user (SOHO business) on their single desktop machine: do I need to buy two products being PGP WDE (or PGP Desktop Professional) with PGP Universal Server or just the single product being PGP Desktop Professional WorkGroup Edition? And is there a PGP WDE workgroup edition?

6. Can I install PGP WDE (or PGP Desktop Professional) without encrypting the drive (as I have a SED) for the other tools I need, eg; PGP Self Extractor, PGP Portable, PGP Virtual, etc but still use the PGP pre-boot authentication function? That is, does PGP WDE have to encrypt the drive for the pre-boot authentication to work?
Tom Mc's picture

You can review the current PGP Products.  You do not need PGP Universal to use WDE.  Installing the WDE product does not result in Pre-boot authentication; this is instead the result of encrypting the drive.  I don't know what the benefit of having the pre-boot authentication without encryption would serve - I suspect that being able to do so would let one use the Bypass function to work since the drive would not be encrypted.

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pauley's picture

Thanks again Mark. I forgot to mention I've recently migrated to SSD SEDs (Self Encrypting Drives). I've got the option of using Embassy Wave Trusted Drive Manager for the pre-boot & key management of SEDs.

My query was just about whether I could use PGPs pre-boot without software encrypting the drive given it's already hardware encrypted. No major issue.

Cheers. Paul.

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We have a problem with a new Toshiba laptop (Model: TecraA11-11H) and PGP Desktop installation. The laptop crashes with a Blue Screen Of Death immediately after PGP Desktop installation, whereas it was behaving well before that point.

Locally I received advice to remove Windows update KB2393802. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the problem as it occurs before that update is ever applied (assuming that it would appear in the Add/Remove Programs list if it was to have been applied).

Is there any advice this forum can offer?

Tom Mc's picture

I'd suggest that you create your own topic/thread by using the Create Content button towards the top of this page - it will give your concern more visibility and therefore greater chances of getting the help you need.  It would help to include what version of PGP you installed, and whether this was just a one time occurance.

If this occured just after the PGP installation, I would take a look at the PGP Release Notes for any possible known conflict that your system may have with PGP.

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