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Is PGP RDD support to destroy or delete the disk file when compute is stolen?

Created: 06 Sep 2012 | 1 comment
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Is PGP RDD(Remote Disable & Destroy)  support to  destroy or delete the disk file when compute is  stolen?

It mentioned the PGP RDD with Intel AT-T technology can disable remote compute when it is stolen.

like disable disk login or system login.

I want to know if PGP RDD can delete my file or format the disk when the computer is stolen?


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If the laptop is stolen, whenever the laptop has a connection to the internet, the chip contacts the intel AT servers, and the laptop will just completely shut down, rendering the entire machine unusable.

Intel are soon going to be releasing chips with built-in 3g cards so the laptops dont have to have a network connection in order to contact the intel servers.

It overloads the chip causing physical damage.  This is a subscription based service which is addittional to the normal PGP licenses as the license is with Intel essentially

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