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PGP removal tool?

Created: 26 Jul 2011 | 2 comments

Hi to all.

Recently installed PGP Universal Server (test).

After testing, we acquired the license. Reinstall the server and uninstall agents 10.x PGP Desktop.

When reinstalling PGP Desktop watch, keeping policies of the old server.

When you uninstall the product leaves a lot of junk in the system (registry entries, files ...).

Must remove all these entries and files manually.

I opened case in Symantec Support but it says that there is no utility to delete the "garbage".

Is this true?

No one knows an official Symantec utility?


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Far as i know there isn't a cleaner utility for PGP desktop on windows, i would check with support because they have lots of stuff that is only available for paying support customers. It's hidden and they have to specifically grant you access to even use any of it.. in my opinion it's a poor practice because i've run into issues that are a 'known' bug that is resolved in a SP release but not all of the support staff are aware of all of the bugs that are addressed in each SP.

there is a way to fix the issue you are having by modifying the registry and deleting a few configuration files.'s picture

I have a support contract for 1 year.At the call and said they had no tools.

Let the installer removed the entire product.False. In the system are many entries and lots of files.

If all workers support are not current, then at Symantec have a problem of how to work well. But that is another story. indecision

Thank you for your link. It has been very helpful. yes