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PGP with SAP and PI

Created: 13 Mar 2012 | 3 comments


I am new to this forum. If my question is not right here, please guide me to suitable place...

I am exploring Encryption/Decryption options for data in SAP implementation.

I have a third party system, sending the data in JMS message. The data contains customer information including Bank account number, Routing number. The person at the third party system decided to encrypt the Bank account number, Routing number, and rest of the information non-Encrypted form, and send the message to JMS system.

I have SAP PI system to process this JMS message and create a record on SAP ECC system (IDoc).

I like to decrypt the Bank account number, Routing number at the ECC system, that way the data will be safe during the transfer process.

Looking forward for your inputs what is the relevant PGP software to use and the process to follow.

Your help is really appreciated.



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Im not familiar to JMS, neither SAP PI software.

PGP Command Line can be automated to encrypt/decrypt information using the compatibles cipher algorithms, it should be compatible.

You can perfom operations using keys  RSA, DSA or DH algorithms.

As long as certificates:

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Symantec is partnering with a company called Cryptosoft (

They provide a solution, based on the PGP crypto libraries, which can solve your requirement

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Hello Namadev, we are the distributor for Cryptosoft. I can confirm from your description above that we would be able to consume your transactions directly from the JMS bus and selectively PGP encrypt or decrypt the data (either entire transaction or selective compenents within the transaction) using single or multiple keys. once complete we can push the data back onto the bus.

All this is achieved using a policy based engine with no scripting or customisation, fully logged and audited.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail please dont hesitate to reply to me directly or call us on 01491 411698.