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PGP & SSD - Restart Loop

Created: 17 Jul 2013 | 5 comments

Our company just purchased a number of HP EliteBook Folio 9470m laptops with SSDs, and the PGP install goes very smoothly. However, after a restart of the machine once the HDD is encrypted, the laptop goes into a restart loop and I am unable to do anything about it.

Does anybody have any information or tips that I could try?


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What version of PGP WDE are you using? How far is it getting before it reboots again?

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Even i am facing the same problem with dell vostro laptops having sata hard disks and the version i am using is 3.3.1 MP1

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Hi Samir,

Based on the information in the forum, I can see that you are running Windows 7 operating system on the HP EliteBook Folio 9470m notebook. Please correct me if I am wrong. Since your system is booting in a loop after it has been encrypted, the first thing I would suggest is to use the Whole Disk recovery iso file to create a CD and then boot from it and try to decrypt the machine. Please find the instruction and the ISO file in the link below:

After you've decrypted the machine, please check if your BIOS is running in UEFI mode.

Best Regards,


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I am having Dell vostro 64 bit. Decrypting can be done but what is the solution

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Hi Samir,

Please try with the  10.3.2 which is the latest release of Symantec Encryption Desktop (SED).
Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.2 compatibility with Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 - TECH203071

Check also Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.2 for Windows Release Notes - DOC7053.
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To encrypt systems booting in UEFI mode, the following additional requirements must be met:

  • System must be certified for Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 64-bit or Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
  • UEFI firmware must allow other programs or UEFI applications to execute while booting
  • Boot drive must be partitioned in GPT with only one EFI system partition on the same physical disk
  • Boot drive must not be configured with RAID or Logical Volume Managers (LVM)
  • (...)

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