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PGP SSO Windows 7 login incorrect password or username

Created: 01 Apr 2014 • Updated: 01 Apr 2014 | 4 comments

I was in the process of encrypting the drive on my desktop (after upgrading to windows 7 from xp) and the computer restarted when it was 94% complete (power failure).  When restarted I get past the startup PGP login password screen fine, but then get "PGP SSO" "incorrect password or user id" on a windows screen.  The only options in the lower right corner are the usual windows ones: restart, shutdown, switch user.  When I reinstalled PGP after the upgrade to 7 I selected to use the windows password.  This is with PGP version:  10.2.1 build 4461 PGP SDK 4.2.1 enterprise whole disk only edition

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Hi kplaird,

Were you able to authenticate to the Windows when you use the option switch user and then you use your own username and password - the same one which you've used to authenticate at the PGP Bootguard?

Best Regards,


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strangely enough, when I started the computer up this morning it went right through and was fine.   I rebooted at least 6 times yesterday to no avail. 

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That means you don't get the error message  "PGP SSO" "incorrect password or user id" on a windows screen anymore?

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It sounds like there was actually an underlying Windows issue caused by the power failure that somehow managed to right itself after a reboot.  Ok, make that 6 or 7 reboots.

Since it was actually getting through the Bootguard to the Windows login, either the Windows installation would not accept the password, even though PGP did, or the handoff process between PGP and Windows was experiencing issues.

I'm glad the issue corrected itself, and you were able to access the system.  That is not always the case after a power outage!  That is why we recommend always checking the "Power Failure Safety" box when encrypting!