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PGP Support for BlackBerry - Forwarding attachments

Created: 12 Apr 2012 | 4 comments


When receiving a PGP encrypted email on a BlackBerry; can the message be forwarded 'in the clear' without losing the attachments? 
From our testing: it will send the forwarded message, but strips out the attachments, even though the message is going in the clear. (I understand that currently BlackBerry's cannot send PGP encrypted attachments) A work around is the user saving the attachment to their device and attaching it to a new message they send in the clear - but this is very cumbersome.
Before getting to the 'how to do achieve this'; I would like to know if someone out there has actually done this and whether it is actually possible. 
PGP Universal Server deployed, with BES connectivity.

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Julian_M's picture

I havent tryed.

You should take a look at PGP Application policy in BES.  "PGP Allowed Encrypted Attachment Mode" setting.

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b4lb04's picture

Hi Julian,

We found this setting to be related to receiving encrypted attachements on the BlackBerry. When set to 'Maunal' the user must highlight the attachment and select 'Get attachment info' from the menu first, before being able to view/download it.

Setting it to 'Automatic' (which we have it set at the moment) just means it is received as a normal attachment (as it would in a normal email) and the user can open it easily...

Thanks for the suggestion, anything else you can suggest we change or troubleshoot?

Andreas Zengel's picture


it is not possible to forward attachments with the Support Package for Blackberry. This is a known product limitation.

JayPhillipsTechnologies's picture

My work around is to use the SMIME support package for users who need to send encrypted attachments. When both the PGP support package and SMIME Support package are installed on a blackberry device, the device will contact the PGP universal server to search for SMIME certificates. So far I'm not able to get AES-256 bit encryption working - best I've had working with SMIME using certificates generated by PGP Universal server is 3DES - which is 168-bit. The SMIME support package is alot less user friendly - users have to hit the blackberry button and then "More" or "More All" for longer e-mails or emails. For SMIME encrypted emails with attachments, users must goto "get attachment info".