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PGP Symantec 10.3.1 Setup only Disk Encryption?

Created: 19 Apr 2014 | 2 comments

Is there anyway to setup Symantec WDE 10.3.1 to only install the Disk Encryption feature?

I do not need the PGP Shredder and the PGP Email encryption.

If not, then I can just disable those.

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It is always included on the installation especially the shredder, but yes your right you can just disable the features like Email Encrytion.

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Hi secguru1,

In a managed client you can disable those features via Consumer Policy. Select the consumer policy and click Symantec Encryption Desktop button.
Messaging & Keys (tab) - uncheck "Email Messaging"
Zip & Shredder (tab) - uncheck "PGP Shredder"
(Save the changes)

They will not be available for the user.

While in a standalone client, you can find those in the menu Tools > Options.
Messaging (tab) - uncheck "Secure Email"
Disk (tab) - uncheck "Place PGP Shredder icon on the Desktop"

In this case those features/components will be disabled but still visible in the interface (Messaging) or available via context-menu (Shredder).

If you really need to not have the PGP Messaging component installed in the machine, then you can disable it during the installation. Please refer to the articles below.

Encryption Desktop (formerly PGP Desktop) installation MSI switches to disable components at installation  - HOWTO84112

How to extract the Symantec Encryption Desktop MSI Installation File from the .exe standalone installer - TECH167331