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PGP & Unable to Open Attachments without extracting!

Created: 07 Jun 2011


I have PGP desktop installed on my pc.  Recently my profile became corrupt and I had to create a new one.  I have been able to create a new one and import my keys.

I now have a problem.  Previously when I double clicked on an attachment in an email I was asked to enter my pass-phrase, this would then unlock the document and make it available to opening via the email.

Now when I double click on the attachment I am asked to enter my pass-phrase, PGP Desktop then opens & I have right-click on the document, extract & save before I can open it. 

Even after doing this the attachment in the email will appears as encrypted.

Can you please advise on how I can get it to operate / open attachments are it did before my new profile was created?