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PGP unable to start after win7 SP1 64bit install

Created: 24 Feb 2011 | 14 comments
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After installing WIN 7 SP1 64bit we got an issue with the HPp 2540P laptop.

WeI try'ed to use the recovery CD and after log in i have to wait 5 minutes: "Some required files are missing or corrupted, You maybe able to continue through the Advanced menu. But in the Advance menu we ca only see the SSD disc.

It seems that some files in bootsector are corrpupted.

Anyone got same issue after WIN/SP1 upgrade

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After hard work and lots of hands on we coul'd manage to access the disk.

Even if the boot sector files are corrupted is still possible to  access all files on disk without decryption.

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I just encountered this same problem on my Sony Vaio notebook. The PGP screen says my computer is encrypted with version 10.0.3 (build 1). I downloaded the recovery iso file and burned the image to a DVD using Roxio. I can boot from the recovery disk, but it won't go past the passphrase screen, saying that a file is missing or corrupted.

How were you able to access your disk with the boot sector files corrupted?

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Using PGP WDE 10.x, on Windows 7 (32bit)

I applied the service pack, but on the final reboot it hung with a "FATAL ERROR", something like 733/65536

The Windows recovery tools were not able to help.

I used the bootg.iso to decrypt fully the disk (3 days).   I could recover my data, but the boot loader was complete trashed.  Re-installing the OS from scratch.

Got 20-30 other laptops to do.   Looks like I'm going to have to decrypt, apply SP1, re-encrypt to be safe.

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Try attaching the drive to another computer running PGP using a USB external drive enclosure.

Or another option, check out the "Customizing the Windows Preinstallation Environment for PGP Whole Disk Encryption" doc.

Windows Preinstallation Environment & BartPE Tools PGP Desktop 9.x

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same issue here. After installation of windows 7 x64 Sp1 and PGP WDE 10.0.2.
After reboot the computer goes in a loop.

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Windows 7 SP1 is not supported by any currently released versions of PGP Desktop, however it will be supported in the 10.2 release.

Unfortunately I do not have a firm date for when this release is scheduled.

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Win 7 SP1 is NOT supported with PGP Desktop 10.1.1?

Why wasn't this properly announced?

I've done testing with PGP Destkop and windows 7 SP1 and didn't have any issues. Is this just a canned response about SP1 not being supported? what issues has PGP noticed about win 7 SP1?

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what did Symantec/PGP do in the last half year?

nothing heared from Windows 7 SP1 Beta or RC?

thats a bad joke?

Microsoft is deploying SP1 autom via Windows Update or WSUS and users which have PGP installed are now the idiots

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OK, if I roll back the Win7 64-bit SP1, will the PGP program be 100% functional?  Do I need to install a diffferent OS or version?

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We have some issues to and found out that some pc's/laptops we've updates with wsus get corrupt and some other pc's/laptops (mostly same 1's) updated with the ISO were successfull.. It looks like that when you update with WSUS it can happen that you missed an update which is needed by the SP1.

All updates were successfull with the ISO or Microsoft Update instead of the WSUS updates which getting corrupt sometimes...

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We have updated the computers with the stand alone installer

windows6.1-KB976932-X64.exe ... (925 MB)

Not the ISO, no WSUS no windows update.

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Hi everyone,

Here we have 1000 pgp clients and already several of them with W7 32/64 and also W7 SP1 32 and until now haven't had any of those problems.

Our version of PGP UNIVERSAL SERVER is 3.0.1 Build (4307) and all clients are in version 10.0.2 (Build 60).

If this information helps you good.


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You could be running into this problem here:

I would also make sure that you are on the latest service pack release for PGP Whole Disk which is 10.1.2 SP1.

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Windows 7 SP1 is full supported by PGP Desktop 10.1.2 and newer.

As far as data recovery goes, you can try the bootgiso file. Burn it a cd and use the recovery tools there. But that is a 16-bit recovery mode. It's very slow to decrypt. I would recommend using WinPE tools (which is a little bit hard to setup) or taking the hard drive out of the machine and putting it in another machine with the same version of PGP Desktop installed to decrypt it there.

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