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PGP univ server not supporting encoding of attachments

Created: 14 Nov 2011 | 2 comments

i have Vmware running all servers are Vms.. BES/ exchange/ univ server etc -- all working fine.. pgp encrypts fine everything is blackberry working well

now i have the need to take a excel file off desktop - encrypt this file with pgp desktop and i want to send the file thru the blackberry to another blackberry -

when i try to send the file from the memory card on the device i get "secure encoding is not supported" i have checked the BES IT policy and its not blocking attachments so i think it must be within the univ server settings.

i find the new symantec support so confusing-- the old one at i was used to..

if someone could tell me what i need to change to allow attachments on blackberry with univ server that is it!

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i determined that there must be a setting to change to another PGP user on blackberry - i can send the attachment in "plain text" to a  non pgp user - and they receive it fine but when i try to send the same email to a pgp user i get the error..

so my univ server must have a setting that is forcing encryption to handheld users if they are on pgp.. i just need to know how to change that one setting to allow the user to override it to plain text and the server will allow it

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I'm not sure this Knowledge Base Article is relevent, but want to menton it just in case it might be of help.

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