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PGP Universal 3.0 - NDR

Created: 14 Aug 2013 | 1 comment
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I am new to email and PGP Universal administration.

I'm looking for information about troubleshooting and resolving an NDR an external user received when they tried to send an email to a PGP user.

The NDR the external user received had the following SMTP error,

5.0.0 smtp; 554 PGP Universal; Error while processing (SMTP-20393)

and I've found the following errors in the PGP UNS mail log,

SMTP-20393: pgpproxy: error reading/processing message error=-11989 (write failed)
SMTP-20393: error handling SMTP DATA event write failed
SMTP-20393: pgpproxy: unable to send rset to server error=-11989 (write failed)

I'm not 100% sure that the NDR and PGP mail errors are for the same email because the timestamp on the NDR is 11:53 AM, while the time stamp on the log entries is 6:29:18 AM +10:00.

I would appreciate any information anyone can offer on this issue.

Thank You

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Sounds like this: is the issue you got

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