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PGP Universal with Intermediate CA Key for SSL Certificate

Created: 31 Mar 2011

Hi All,

I was going to post this as a solution to a couple of threads on the old PGP Forum, but the party has moved cool

The PGP Universal documentation is deafeningly silent upon this issue. The GUI mentions it not, nor the online help.

This is a real shame as it turns out that it's

  • very simple to resolve
  • can be done through the GUI

Here are the steps to follow;

  1. If any of your interfaces are using your SSL Certificate already then switch them to use another certificate (or none at all - but not if this interface is the one you're managing the server via, since that has to use SSL surprise)
  2. Import the Intermediate CA Certificate into the list of TRUSTED KEYS
  3. Set your interface to use your SSL Certificate

When you make the change at step 3, the server finds the Intermediate CA Key that you have imported, and includes it in the chain which is handed out to clients. Job Jobbed.

(If you SSH in and look in the Apache config you'll find that an SSLCertificateChain setting has automagically appeared).

Robert Baskerville


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