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PGP Universal Server 3.1/ Outbound smtp authenticate

Created: 24 Jan 2011
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we have an PGP Universal Server 3.1 as Mailproxy. To sent Mail Outbound we have a Username and Passwort for the smtp-server off our provider. Is it possible to configure the gateway to do this?

It looks like you need to configure your PGP Universal Server as Interenal Placement, which indicates that your server would be located in between users and the SPTM proxy server, for this you should be referring to the folowing KBs.
- Configuring PGP Universal Server in Internal Placement :
Also check the product release for the latest version at:

Inside is no solution, because our clients were Outlook on an Exchangeserver and outlookwebaccess. So I installed a relay with postix as mta.

This works for us.