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PGP Universal Server Installation Problem

Created: 24 May 2011 | 5 comments

I've successfully installed PGP Universal Server onto a virtual server and now it shows the localhost login screen but I was never prompted to enter any username or password.  I read in the documentation to go to a web browser and enter https://<server name>:9000 but am unable to access the admin console that way.  Is there something else I need to do?  Is there a way I can find the IP Address of my server even though its only at the localhost login screen?  Thanks!

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you should have been asked to enter an ip-address and hostname during installation in the Text-GUI mode. If so, you should enter the ip address in the URL e.g. to access the server. If you were not asked for an IP address or hostname during installation you are most likely using not supported hardware or virtual environment.

If you use a later version of VMWare ESXi please make sure to select 'NE1000' as network card type

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I was never asked to enter an ip address or any other information.  As soon as I hit enter to continue it ran through the whole installation without any prompts.  How do I run it in Text-GUI mode?  We are using VMWare ESX 4.1.  The network adapter currently is set to Private-Int1, should I change that and then re-run the installation?  Thanks for your help!

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Jasen2, are you using two ethernet adapters for your installation? If so, I've seen issues with that on occasion where the text mode setup doesn't ask you for IP information.  You may wish to try reinstalling with only one Vmware network adapter attached to the VM initially. There is also a way that you can boot into single user mode and manually IP the server. But it's more complicated...

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I had the same issue with VMWare 4.

When VMXNET adapter type is used, PGP Universal server OS doesn't have the driver.

If you put Flexible, the driver is loaded and IP config is requested during the setup.



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I was never asked to enter an ip address or Hostname. How do I run it in Text-GUI mode?  We are using HP Proliant Bl 460c G7.

PGP Universal server 3.1.2. Please help me out this its very urgent.