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PGP Universal server 3.2 (upgraded from 2.12) problem whole disk lics..

Created: 20 Oct 2011 | 2 comments

We recently had a problem with the Sandy Bridge chipset saga....

      As of such we upgraded our PGP Universal server from 2.12.0 to 3.2 (2.12.0 to sp2..then to sp4 the exported contents.....)

This is now what we are seeing on the Client Licensing page for the PGP Universal Server

Licensee Count: 134 users out of 101 allowed users
Note that this count may include users covered by other policies, if the other policies also use this license.

I have reput in the license we got from Symantec and this is what it shows on the System settings page:

Licensee Name:
Authorized User
Authorized Company
License Expiration:
Intel Anti-Theft Technology, PGP Portable

I can, however, take the license we got and from the client side it installs fine but I  thought that we didn't need to do this on the client side anymore.  Can someone please help!  Having to reinstall the key to over 100 machines is going to be a pain.  

The problem I see:

    1.   The server needs to be handing out the client license and we SHOULD NOT have to manually install it on each client.


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Julian_M's picture

Hey Taz,

Go to Universal GUI, Consumers, open each policy, click Client licensing.

You will see the license that all clients on policy are receiving.  If its the right one, try doing an "Update policy" on your clients.

If wrong license, you should change it. I think there is a button for that.

If you can´t see the button there, then try changing policy settings manually:

Edit policy general settings, edit XML preferences, change this values:




Do policy update on the clients and try the fix.

Keep me updated

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Chetan D's picture

Hello Taz-man,

You can install the client licenses from the web console for PGP Universal server and the track which was kept for the number of users logged in to the server in the older versions of PGP when PGP had all the rights. But since Symantec has taken over the new versions above 3.1.2 SP3 (Build 50) the track of licenses used is not kept by the server.

The number of Licenses installed can be exceeded by the server, this can be a loss on company's part but is very profitable for users using the client server technology of PGP (Symantec).

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