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PGP Universal server access if server is off the network

Created: 20 Jul 2011 | 2 comments

I'm going to clone a VM instance of Universal server 3.X  (for testing an upgrade) and I will need to change the IP address and host name before it gets on the network.  How can I access that area of the application if the server is not network connected? 

All the docs I read say to configure the IP and name information during the install.  


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The advantage you have is that, as a VM, you will have console access the server. However, you should contact your support representative for them to show you where and how to gain access to the necessary files to editing.

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Since you will be running it in Vmware. You will need to edit some pref files and everything to do so. You will want to boot up the VM with the NIC disabled (in ESX you have an option to uncheck the connected [ and the connect at power on options).

To find what files to edit and everything you need to contact support though. Because it requires you to gain root access to the server through the console or else through SSH.  You would need a support technician to walk you through that part.

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