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PGP Universal Server backup size increasing

Created: 09 Nov 2011 • Updated: 06 Jan 2012 | 4 comments
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Over the past few days the backup file from our PGP Universal Server 2.12 has increased in size from 100MB to 300MB without there being any increase in the number of enrolled clients. We have been trying to upgrade the server to 3.2 and failed, so rolled back to 2.12 until we get another chance to upgrade. The secondary server is offline and I have removed it from the cluster. Does anyone know why the backup file should be growing like this?

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There could be two reasons:

1) There is something that keeps your logs growing... check them for each component if messages rapidly repeating.

2) The Server "thinks" it is still clustered. In this case replication messages are queing in the database for replication. I would check first in the UI if the cluster member is still listed in the Cluster section.

If not you may want to access the Server by SSH and check the database table replication_message for many entries. Also if table cluster_member has more than one entry.

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can you give me the commands to run to check the replication_message and cluster_member tables?

SCRATCH THAT - I found the commands. There are 24682 replication messages but only 1 cluster member. I did run pgpsyncusers before the upgrade attempt. I will keep an ey on it and hope that when we do finally complete the upgrade it all sorts itself out!

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Yes, it sounds like you could have a lot of replication messages queued up to send to the other cluster member. How long has the other cluster member been decomissioned? Did you install and run the pgpSyncUsers utility on the server before decommisioning the other cluster member or attempting to upgrade?

Also, I would run a disk usage command on a few key areas of your server to see where the space is being taken up at (this needs to be ran through SSH obviously):

du -h /var/log

du -h /var/lib/pgsql/data

The first entry is showing how large the log files are (the bottom entry should show a total of all the folders/files in that /var/log directory)

the second one is telling us how big your database flat files are

If the data is in the database, there are additional queries that you can run to check which table is taking up the most space. But often times, it's web messenger messages. If you use the web messenger feature, this takes up space on your server and will cause your database backups to grow over time.

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is mail queue is empty?

attachements in web messanger mabye?

Send a screenshoot of backup tab in Universal.

Please note : if you have several backup instances, the content maybe similar or equal, but each instance takes all necesary disk space anyway.

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