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PGP Universal Server create keys for internal user SKM mode

Created: 24 Jun 2013 | 2 comments

HI everybody,

we are using PG Universal Key Server. We have a couple of users syncing with the AD.

Problem is that new users do not have a key. How do I create a key manually? It is not created automatically.
I receive errors like:

-error getting signing key for user

-key lookup failed for recipient

So how do I create the keys. The users already exist. SKM Mode with "Encrypt, Key Signing, Private Shared, Netshare, WDE, Zip, Messaging" with the correct certificate issuer and the owner being the already existing user that was created due to AD sync?
Thanks a lot

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When a user enrolls into the Universal Server, they should be generated a key, either if they are using PGP Desktop or non Desktop users such as Gateway email users.

If you're having difficult getting the Universal Server to generate a key, you can try enrolling the user on a PGP Desktop installation and creating the key there, then importing the key directly into the Universal Server

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thanks a lot for your support and the quick reply.
Unfortunately the keys are not being generated automatically. The users are there but not getting a key.
The users are not using PGP Desktop. It's all gateway related.

Where is the automatic generation administered on the universal server? Can you give me some short instructions how to set it up?

In worst case I could  follow your suggestion to enroll a PGP Desktop, create keys there and than import them. But I would prefer the Gateway to do it automatically.

Thank you very much.