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PGP Universal Server Disk Alignment?

Created: 17 Mar 2012 • Updated: 30 Mar 2012 | 2 comments
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Hi guys, kind of a long shot here, but curious if anyone has run into this or has a solution:

I'm trying to align my disks along a 64K offset to play nice with my SAN. I've used various methods, UBERAlign/vConverter 5, neither are working with Universal Server sadly and it's the last server in my enviro to be misaligned, which kinda sucks because it's pretty disk heavy. 

Anyone have a solution? Is there something I can do during the install to set the offset? I'm willing to reinstall and restore to get this working properly. 


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Julian_M's picture

Not completely sure about the configuration you need.
I will share some tips I hope you find them useful:

After you insert universal CD , boot, type expert for custom installation. You can also hit F2 for more options,

Dont forget universal is a linux system, so It you would set partition like any other linux system.
I guess you can customize partitions using any disk management tool (linux fdisk has lots of advanced options, or you can choose any third party application)

After that, just choose partition to install Universal.

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Hi Julian,

Sorry I missed your reply, I thought I was subscribed for email notifications but apparently not. 

Yeah I guess I'll just have to manually configure the partitions and then install the Universal onto them. The disk itself doesn't offset the partitions on a 64KB boundry, so they're mis-aligned with the physical blocks on my SAN. Guess I'll have to brush up on my *nix skills.