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PGP Universal Server - How to update from Version 2.12.0 to latest version?

Created: 12 Aug 2011 | 8 comments

Hi All.

I am looking for some assistance in upgrading our PGP Universal Server (2.12.0 Build 1035) to the latest version.

Can anybody assist?

From memory the last time I upgraded I used the latest .pup file so I recently downloaded the latest PGP Universal Server Update.pup file. I backed up the Universal Server and proceeded with the update. I am getting the following error:

"The file you have uploaded PGPUniversal3.1.0_PGPDesktop10.1.1.pup" could not be processed. Please ensure that the file is not corrupt and try again.

I then downloaded the full PGP Universal update which when extracted included the .iso image.

Just wondering how should I proceed with the update and what benefits/updates can be expected by the upgrade?

Thanks to all :)

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The latest Universal release is: 3.2.

You can not upgrade 2.12 via .pup file to 3.x. directly (as the architecture has changed).

The recomended procedure is : Backup , Install fresh version of 3.x., then restore from the 2.12. backup.

From the migration guide:

"You can upgrade to PGP Universal Server 3.2.0 from these versions:

PGP Universal Server 2.12 SP4
To upgrade to PGP Universal Server 3.2 from 2.12 SP4, you must back up your data, do a fresh install, and restore your backed up data. If you are running a version of PGP Universal Server older than 2.12 SP4, you must upgrade to version 2.12 SP4 and then upgrade to PGP Universal Server 3.2.0."

Full details can be found here:

If you need to migrate a 2.12 cluster I highly recomend  this guides:

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Where can I find SP4 for 2.12,  I have looked all over the fileconnect site and contactred Tech supoprt and still waiting for a call back. On the site all I can  see is PUP file SP2.

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We have to provide you access to the download via our PDC site. I would just request the support agent to provide you with 2.12 SP4 from PDC.

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PGP_Ben -

I need 2.12 SP4 as well. I am going to 3.2 but need to apply 2.12 SP4. In a time crunch so any help here is greatly appreciated. Why is this not avaiable on FileConnect?


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Tech support can't find this for us.  I do have access to but don't see 2.12 sp4 there.  Can someone give me access to this.  We need it desperately.  Thanks!

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Since Symantec has taken over PGP they have made the files very hard to get.  I had to open a support ticket just to get the hidden file which then became available to me thru the pgp portal ( or fileconnect.